Itís a Really Good StoryÖ

I was at work on Saturday, and Shawn called to say he was going 4-wheeling with James. We had tickets to a play that night, so he was going to drop off the car in case he was running late so I could go home and get ready.

I left for lunch and Shawn had my boss call me on my cell phone to tell me that they had gotten the car stuck in a snow bank, were stuck in the canyon, and needed a ride home. This had all happened before, so itís totally believable. I go back to work and Frank (my boss) tells me to go ahead and take off. He acts disgusted, but of course he knows the plan.

I got to snowbird, drove around, parked in the lower lot, basically couldnít find them anywhere. I finally call James, who doesnít answer, so I keep driving around. I find out later that James saw it was me calling but didnít know what to say to me so just didnít answer. He called his mom, who made up a story for him, so when I called back he answered the phone and told me that his dad had come to pick him up and tow the jeep home but they couldnít reach me so Shawn was on the deck waiting to meet me.

I headed for the Tram deck, where I still couldnít find anyone, and a ski patrol guy came out and asked if he could help me. I told him I was there to pick up a friend, but couldnít find himÖ he got on his radio and suddenly a girl came running out with roses and asked if I was Jessica. When I said yes she handed me the roses and a tram ticket and steered me to the loading area.

At this point I was getting suspicious, but didnít know for sure what was going on. I rode to the top, hoping I was about to get engaged, making small talk with the tram operator (who of course knew what was going on, he was holding the last tram for me) and basically feeling crazy.

Shawn was waiting at the top with a ring.

It was sunset, and the night of a full eclipse, everything was beautiful and romantic. Shawn got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Hell Yes!!!!!!!!!!
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